kmiri_onua (kmiri_onua) wrote,

It's slow going, with just Tahoi to help. Luckily the ponies aren't making too much of a fuss. We're just clear of the fair now, all of the idiot two-leggers wouldn't get out of my way. *sigh*.

It's slow going, and I've heard rumors that there aren't as many horse-theives running about now, but that's not going to stop me from being careful. Goddess, i'm lucky nothing's gone wrong already. it IS nice to be able to settle into the safety circle and read these journals- it's like therapy after dealing with those four-legged room-mates... (not that i don't love the ponies, it's just a certain dun gelding can only step on your foot so many times before... ugh.)

I do have one question though, for anyone who can answer: does anyone know where i can get some more eyebright? (OOC: to tell if someone's lying w/out the Sight.) I've gone through a lot if it from interviewing assistants. *grins wickedly* Yes, Daine, I used it on you, too. I knew you weren't fifteen.

The ponies have ear mites again. I'm off to get ear swabs.
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