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Hmmm... Tahoi, the ponies, and I have made really good time, considering the usual broblems of ripped leather, ponies picking up stones, and tahoi chasing leaves and scaring the ponies. the strange thing is, though, as soon as we got clear of the fair I didn't see another human for the rest of the day. not that it's all that unusual, but i guess my nerves are just on edge a bit watching for theives. I know I shouldn't, but i'm wearing myslelf out a bit with protective spells on everything. I really am starting to feel paranoid, and i keep my bow on me at all times. there's another thing too. there aren't any animals around, 'sept for the ponies and Tahoi. I've had to fish ever since we left the fair: and it's not just tahoi's age that keeps him from catching anything- i can't find anything, and the path is usually laden with animals. I'll keep my guard up, better alive than comfortable. I can't wait to get home, my nerves are on edge.
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